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The payments market is evolving rapidly in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. We are witnessing a more complex payment market, with a diverse range of new payment technology product innovations and participants. As a result of these changes, digital payments have become a preferential payment method, as consumers reap the rewards in real-time and…

Is Payment Fraud Contributing to Fuel Price Rises?

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2022 has continued to be a challenging year for many businesses and consumers, with many countries experiencing high inflation and recovering from COVID-19. The fuel industry has been particularly vulnerable to global volatility with the sharp rise in fuel prices. The conflict in Ukraine is one factor affecting fuel prices, due to international markets shifting…

The ai Corporation (ai) and Ignixxion Technologies Limited partner to launch the World’s first EMV (open loop), fuel payments and digital fleet management solution

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Unifying fleet card issuance, payment processing, fraud management, mobility, and fleet management capabilities in one end-to-end solution. LONDON, 31 March 2022: The ai Corporation (ai), an expert in fraud prevention and payment solutions, and Ignixxion Technologies Limited, an innovative fintech fleet solution provider, today announced the launch of the World’s first integrated, EMV open loop,…

A tribute to my family, friends, and colleagues.

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Sometimes life takes an unexpected turn. One minute you are celebrating a milestone birthday with your family and friends, watching rugby, followed by a knees-up. 10 days later you are admitted to hospital. It was a good party. I spent nine days in hospital and discovered that I had a congenital heart condition. A condition…

ai Partners with A Jolly Consulting to Enhance its Security & Compliance Capabilities

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LONDON, October 26, 2021: The ai Corporation (ai), an FCA approved expert in payments, fraud and risk management, today announced that it is partnering with A Jolly Consulting to ensure ai’s products and services continue to meet customer and regulatory requirements. A Jolly Consulting is an acclaimed provider of professional risk consulting, advisory and compliance…

UTA and The ai Corporation partner to tackle fuel card fraud

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LONDON, September 02, 2021: UTA, a leading provider of fuel and service cards in Europe and an Edenred company, has partnered with The ai Corporation (ai), an expert for fraud prevention and payment solutions. This new partnership is founded on developing additional protection for UTA customers from the evolving global threat of fuel card fraud….