Detect, investigate and act on fraud activity on the Dark Web

The Dark Web Managed Service powered through Skurio’s SaaS application provides world-leading cyber intelligence gathering that automatically scans websites, marketplaces and forums to detect incidences of a customer’s data appearing on the Dark Web.
Through the Digital Risk Protection platform, our team of Fraud Experts monitor the Dark Web looking for your data being posted online, alerting you within minutes when information matching your search terms is being leaked, marketed or sold.

Dark Web Stats

115 million stolen debit and credit cards were posted to dark web marketplaces in 2021

There were over 190.4 million attempted ransomware attacks in 2021

The Dark Web activity has increased by 300% in the last 3 years

24 billion usernames and passwords are available on the dark web – an increase of 65% in just two years

The Dark Web has 2.5 million daily, active users

80% of hacks from stolen credentials – new data dumps occur every month, increasing year on year

Key Benefits

  • Locate instances of sensitive data or signs of an attack related to your data
  • Automated alerts provide actionable insights as soon as information is detected
  • Identify leaks of your company data using keywords, email domains, login credentials, IP Addresses, email addresses, account numbers and more
  • Monitor data dumps where data correlates with transaction logs
  • Delivered as a secure, cloud hosted SaaS application, it can be configured in minutes from any web browser
  • Scan for leaks of customer data 24×7 across the surface, deep and Dark Web, safely and securely

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