Enterprise Risk & Analytics


Identifies risks & pinpoints business opportunities

SmartIntelligence™ utilises ai’s predictive analytical capability and technology not only to identify risks but also to pinpoint business opportunities found in transactional data.

What is SmartIntelligence™?

Providing Management Opportunity Dashboards that help our customers move from knowing what happened (Management Information) to predicting what will happen (Management Opportunity).

With the overwhelming amounts of data that can be accessed through management information suites, SmartIntelligence™ is designed to help business managers pinpoint opportunities in real-time, by utilising payment data and other accessible data sources.

Key Features & Benefits

Utilisation of ai’s industry leading predictive intelligence capability to drive customer insight and opportunity identification
Central view of several data sources in a single secure online reporting environment
Specific areas for business opportunity or potential customer risk can be highlighted to the user
Data agnostic - payment or nonpayment sources
Pivot and Drill Down data to generate different views and insight
Different time periods, segmentation and customer hierarchy levels can be defined; dependent on user access level

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