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ai's dedicated Fuel Payments Platform

Agile fuel payments platform to reduce complexity and increase insight with machine learning

What is aiEazyFuel™?

A fully managed, omni-channel, cloud-based payments platform. Supporting a complete range of issuing, acceptance, acquiring, switching, processing, risk and analytics functions for fuel card providers and fuel retailers. Offering ultimate agility, scalability and configurability, aiEazyFuel optimizes payments processing for retailers and issuers of all sizes, from the independent dealer to the multinational.

Key Features & Benefits

Physical card and virtual/tokenised payments supported
Rules engine supports flexible control and restriction capability
Real-time and near-real time analytics help reduce attrition
ai’s leading-edge fraud prevention machine-learning technology fully integrated
Supports alternative payment methods - e.g. QR Codes, Mobile Apps
Flexible configurability for effortless own-brand solutions
Intelligent, fast price elasticity and share-of-wallet information
Supports full range of pump, list, schedule, Platts and bonus-threshold price options
Quick alerts on non-activated, inactive and low-activity cards

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