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aiAutoPilot ML™

The world’s first fraud management automation tool enabling rapid response to the latest threats with minimal manual intervention

What is aiAutoPilot ML™?

aiAutoPilot ML uses the machine to automate and optimise the Fraud Management process to ensure continual performance while monitoring and refining the fraud strategy, freeing up the fraud analyst from manual performance analysis.

It offers multiple solutions for fraud analysts to detect fraud trends and optimise rules automatically. aiAutoPilot ML uses the latest fraud detection algorithms that are proven to increase fraud detection and reduce the overall number of system alerts.

The key components on how aiAutoPilot ML automates the process of managing machine learning models

Implement a fraud strategy within minutes

Instead of expanding your team to perform the same manual task continually, those same staff members can spend their time focussing on other critical priorities. aiAutoPilot ML ensures the best continual performance as the machine is always looking for improvements and to make changes to confirm this. 

 Task Manual Process aiAutoPilot ML  ™
Determine the performance of the current rules and models in the system and know where they are performing well or not 10 minutes per rule  N/A
Determine the best data filters to apply to detect as much fraud as possible whilst reducing the non-fraud data  0.5 – 1 day  N/A
Create machine learning rules and models using aiSmartScore and aiSmartRule from the filters  1 day per run  N/A
Put the rules and models into production  1 day per run  N/A

Key features


Can quickly and easily detect 80% of the fraud already being detected with a combined reduction in alerts


It can contribute to upwards of 20% reduction in fraud losses, compared with managing fraud manually

Cost Savings​

Within 1 – 2 fraud strategies, 80% of the fraud analyst team can be applied to other business areas due to the vast reduction in alerts.

Effective Fraud​ Detection

Produces highly effective rules, many suitable for immediate card blocking

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