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Fraud Managed Services

Outsourcing your fraud management function to ai’s industry experts

ai’s Fraud Managed Service combines our best-in-class technical solutions with professional fraud expertise.

What is Fraud Managed Services?

Outsourcing all aspects of the fraud management function to ai, under a performance-based contract, means we are fully responsible for implementing a customer’s fraud strategy, and accountable for any fraud losses based around clear key performance indicators

Alert Management

With the Alert Management service, our clients benefit from having a dedicated team of experienced analysts to review RiskNet generated alerts on their behalf.

Rules Management

Using a blend of machine learning tools and traditional analytical methods, our Analytics team will regularly review existing rule set performance and generate new rules to capture the latest fraud trends.

Key Features & Benefits

Combine best-in-class technical solutions with professional fraud expertise
Receive industry best practice in fraud management operations
Reduce management overheard to run the service
Reallocate resources to core business activity
Performance based contract means full accountability of our results
Monthly and Quarterly business reporting on operational performance and strategic initiatives

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