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We’re always told that safety comes first. But, what next? After safety comes opportunity for development, a chance to move forward and improve. We have everything you need at The ai Corporation from payments safety solutions through to business optimisation software that can reduce the work-load of your staff and increase their efficiency.

Our online payment safety solutions are utilised by some of the world’s largest banks and merchants. Our exceptional attention to detail, ability to spot and prevent emerging fraud trends and adeptness in optimising business efficiency, gives clients service they can trust. On top of our end-to-end payment solution, we can help you analyse and detect new business opportunities whilst optimising your current processes.

Why should your company choose our SmartIntelligence software at The ai Corporation?

By analysing transactional data that your company processes, our SmartIntelligence system will provide you with predictions and label risks that could occur to your customers. This will allow you to gain insight into your business and advise you on how best to approach any developments you make. On top of this the SmartIntelligence gives you the ability to view several data sources at one time online ensuring reporting is simple, intuitive and accurate.

SmartIntelligence is a stand-alone analytical reporting dashboard that could be ideal for your business. Partnered with our fraud detection software and payments gateway we can create a secure end-to-end solution from transaction through to reporting.

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