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Prevention is better than the cure. This simple statement is ideal in principle, but how does it work in a practical sense? That’s exactly what our team at The ai Corporation believe about fraud and the protection against it. Preventing fraud is impossible but defending against it can be simple.

We’ve used our online payment fraud detection services to help companies improve the way they react and defend against the wide range of threats from the wide world. Payment fraud can be a potentially disastrous for your company because it places yourself and your customers in an uncompromising position.

The ai Corporation have the tools ready to apply to your company to influence how prepared you are for attacks. Our online payment platform, the aiGateway is a white-labelled gateway giving security throughout the payment process with in-built fraud protection.

Converting your sales, maximising your chance for payments and mitigating the risk of exposure to fraud are three tributary features that come along with our online payment fraud detection software. The aiGateway will offer you exceptional analytics that go beyond just anti-fraud measures – it will help you to improve the commercial side of your business.

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