Five Reasons To Choose Our Online Payment Gateway

Taking and processing online payments can be a minefield, whilst there are a number of measures to secure payments, fraud can easily become a growing problem for your company or business in the modern climate. To battle against this, The ai Corporation offers the aiGateway- a highly intuitive online payment gateway with an in built fraud detection system.

It can provide your business a number of benefits. To help you decide if the aiGateway can help your business we’ve curated a list of five reasons to invest in our payment gateway:

  1. Bespoke to your needs: aiGateway is a white-label product, meaning it can be customised with your bespoke branding to ensure that it not only looks the part but provides you exceptional security and protection.
  2. In-depth reporting: We pride all our systems on their ability to offer you powerful reporting. Analytics that utilise SmartIntelligence will help you make changes for the better of your business.
  3. 100% secure payments: Keep your customers and business safe from fraud, with increased acceptance and reduced chargeback rates.
  4. Real-time management: Utilising RiskNet Real Time, the aiGateway allows constant monitoring of transactions within the gateway, in less than a second determining if a transaction appears fraudulent.
  5. Transaction management: Easily set-up and monitor recurring transactions through the integrated Merchant Management System

If you’d like to know more about our online payment fraud detection system, get in contact with us today.

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