The ai Corporation (ai) and Ignixxion Technologies Limited partner to launch the World’s first EMV (open loop), fuel payments and digital fleet management solution

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  • Unifying fleet card issuance, payment processing, fraud management, mobility, and fleet management capabilities in one end-to-end solution.

LONDON, 31 March 2022: The ai Corporation (ai), an expert in fraud prevention and payment solutions, and Ignixxion Technologies Limited, an innovative fintech fleet solution provider, today announced the launch of the World’s first integrated, EMV open loop, fuel payment and fleet management solution.

Utilising ai’s world-leading fuel payments platform, aiEazyFuel®, and Ignixxion’s cutting-edge cloud digital fleet platform, the new solution will enable payments providers and fuel card issuers to offer their fleet customers the choice of purchasing and paying for their fuel and other vehicle and driver-related expenses from any retailer, anywhere, at any time. Providing fleet operators with a more holistic view of their expenditure and the confidence to digitise and automate their systems securely.

Alan West, Executive Director of Ignixxion, says: “Ignixxion and ai’s joint solution delivers innovative cloud-based digital fleet solutions, in addition to best of breed security and payments processing functionality, to enable companies of all sizes to effectively manage their fleet vehicles and assets. The new solution is the only solution on the market to unify fleet card issuance, payment processing, fraud, and risk management utilising machine learning, with the latest fleet management technologies. Enabling providers to issue EMV compliant fleet cards for fuel and non-fuel payments and manage any resulting transactions in their existing fleet management platform.”

Dr. Mark Goldspink, Chief Executive of ai, concludes: “At ai, we believe that working in partnership can deliver true innovation. Our strategic relationship with Ignixxion means we can work closely with payment schemes, such as Visa, to offer fuel retailers a truly end-to-end solution, which uses “state of the art” machine learning to manage fuel card payment transactions via a cloud-based platform securely.”

Fleet managers will be able to access a new cloud-based platform to run real time reports based on transaction data to improve the daily management of their fleets at cost per km level. Customers will also be able to gain insights from vehicle, drivers, and location data, linked to any payments, to analyse spending trends and exceptions.


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About Ignixxion Technologies Limited (Ignixxion)

Ignixxion Technologies Limited is a innovative fintech solution provider with a specific focus on delivering advanced digital fleet payments and management solutions to the marketplace.

About The ai Corporation Limited (ai)

The ai Corporation is a leading provider of fraud prevention and payments solutions. Operating for over 20 years, ai has provided solutions around the World to some of the largest financial institutions, international merchants, and major payment service providers across a broad spectrum of industries.