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The Time To Talk Fraud Podcast gives you the complete lowdown on all fraud types – from people to businesses we’ll be talking about the fraud that impacts you.

Each episode will have a series of special guests to talk about current fraud trends, fraud in the news; sharing real-life examples and initiatives on how you can help prevent fraud at every level.

All of us involved in the podcast are passionate about stopping fraud and we want these conversations to be as relaxed as possible to bring that passion to our listeners.

It’s Time To Talk Fraud!

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is an industry-leading service that takes advantage of the latest technologies that can streamline fraud operations with customisable rules, insights and risk scores. It can seamlessly enhance and improve your fraud management capabilities and support the development of a fraud management strategy tailored to your business and customer needs.


Powered by aiAutoPilot ML, is an all-in-one solution that covers the payment cycle for Acquirers, Issuers and Merchants, while covering all payment types for both pre-authorisation and post-authorisation merchant and transaction management.

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