Working with a regional Processor

The ai Corporation (ai) has been working with a regional Processor for many years providing its RiskNet Issuer solution for their Online Fraud Management Services, offering;

  • 24/7 transaction monitoring and management service
  • A tier 1 fraud monitoring reporting system
  • Rule-based system with 40+ ready-to-use rules
  • User-configurable rules

ai’s RiskNet is a self-service rules engine for the detection and prevention of fraud and other suspicious transactions, supporting all card scheme recommended rule sets and can be deployed with or without neural models.

After many successful years of partnership, the processor will now be both upgrading its current version of RiskNet and taking additional ai modules, enhancing their Fraud Management Services to include Real Time fraud detection, Acquiring merchant monitoring, neural technology and advanced BI reporting.

Once deployed ai’s solutions will provide protection across the payment chain with multi-layered, machine learning monitoring, enabling the provider to offer a truly unique offering in the region.

In order to ensure the highest quality products, ai focusses its development effort on a rules engine acknowledged by many of the industry thought-leaders as one of the best in the world. It operates through user-defined rules and parameter mapping, supplemented by artificial intelligence and automated machine-learning techniques.

This multi-faceted solution is also flexible enough to help our Clients improve decision making by enriching existing internal data, by importing both established and new emerging external third party information.

ai is committed to innovation and developing best-in-class solutions, for use in-house or as a managed service. In order to ensure ai maintains products competitively in the industry, our research teams (in house and in conjunction with recognised specialist global universities) are constantly exploring new ways to improve its product offerings.

ai uses an Enterprise Project Methodology to ensure that any project undertaken for a new, or existing Client, is brought progressed in an efficient and timely manner. This includes 5 stages necessary to ensure a smooth deployment from development to production;

  1. Requirements Gathering
  2. Customisation and Configuration
  3. Data Migration and UAT
  4. Go Live
  5. Hypercare

Each step has an associated checklist containing subtasks, which enables us to keep track during the deployment process.