What is SmartScore®

An industry first, self-service tool that demystifies the process of modelling for our customers. Designed to integrate seamlessly into existing fraud systems (fraud platform and rule engine agnostic) significantly enhancing the fraud detection system and reducing the impact on existing operations.

SmartScore® brings the following key benefits to the user:

  • Self-service , no requirement for original vendor involvement in model creation
  • Significantly reduces the machine learning production costs and overall total cost of ownership, enabling multiple artificial intelligence support to be not only technically feasible, but also economically viable

Key Features

Multiple-model capabilities & management
Latest machine-learning technology and techniques
Browser-based user interface
Highly secure
Self-service and easy to use
Produce models in-house same day
Real-time fraud detection
Fraud platform agnostic
User configurable
  • Fast model creation in hours, as opposed to waiting months for a vendor to complete
  • High-performance fraud detection with performance parameters set to meet fraud team capacity
  • Fraud platform agnostic – can work with any suppliers rule engine via an API
  • Reusable asset – can build models for other business applications outside of fraud
  • Simplified decision making
  • Improved fraud detection and reduced false positive ratio

ai's self-service fraud detection rule engines are considered by many in the industry to be the best in the world.

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