What is SmartRule™

SmartRule™ is a self-service rule generation tool designed to create easy to understand fraud detection rule-sets. A stand-alone tool that will rapidly supplement rule management processes, reducing the need for human intervention and improving efficiency.

  • The self-service rule builder is unique, as users can build rule-sets and operate them quickly with no need for external vendor support or expensive professional services
  • SmartRule™ is a stand-alone tool, which requires no integration and can be deployed rapidly
  • These unique self-learning products can be added to an existing fraud system and will reduce the need for constant manual reviews, hence allowing clients to focus on more complex business matters

Key Features

Self-service rule creation
High speed rule model creation and deployment
High performance fraud detection
Simplified rule management and performance monitoring
Easy to use
Provides a 24/7 fraud analysis capability
Reusable asset - can create rules for any business function
Streamlines rules management processes
Fraud platform agnostic

SmartRule®, along with SmartScore®, is a revolutionary step forward in the automation of fraud prevention by the use of machine-learning, as we know that machines can consistently make a large number of automated decisions, leaving the more complex decisions to human intervention. We believe that fraud prevention is ideal for this type of technological advancement. SmartRule® is a clever, but simple, tool that generates high-performance rule-sets that provide high fraud detection rates and low false:positive ratios, in order to maximise fraud prevention and minimise operational costs.

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