What is SmartCase™

SmartCase™ is designed to manage digital assets (such as fraud, documents, contracts) associated with suspicious activity reporting (SAR) across large and diverse organisations. A tried and tested solution that is used by the US Law Enforcement Agencies and British Police Forces to ensure that evidence can be fully audited to prevent tampering, before submission to the legal authorities.

This enterprise case manager tool supports the new financial regulation on that dictates that suspicious activity reporting (SAR) made by financial institutions must be fully auditable.

The tool enables and supports the financial institutions to track transactions that may be suspicious and that need to be reported throughout an organisation in a controlled manner. A flexible solution that supports multi -jurisdictional reporting and streamlines submission to the financial crime enforcement unit.

Key Features

Self-service and easy to use
Flexible technology that supports multi-jurisdictional business operations
Auditable SAR reporting for large enterprises
Tried and tested by law enforcement organisations around the world
Seamless end to end reporting with integration into ai's solutions

SmartCase™ offers end-to-end coverage for detection, scoring, alerting, work flow processing, and reporting of suspicious activity to make sure nothing is lost across the enterprise. We support the full investigation on life cycle and, with our integrated case management platform, improving your staff’s productivity and helping you to meet regulatory obligations in a cost-efficient manner.

Find and prevent suspicious activity with:

  • An extensive library of detection models specifically designed for the banking, finance, securities, and insurance industries
  • Advanced analytics profiling capabilities allow for multi-level, flexible monitoring
  • High-quality alerts focus investigations on the highest priority issues
  • Automated reporting and regulatory filing that eases AML compliance requirements

With success on every continent, ai's client services team of experts cover the full spectrum of fraud (risk) management and business analytics.

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