What is SmartAlerts™

SmartAlerts™ is a customer engagement platform designed to streamline B2B and B2C communication. This event-based solution is designed to alert businesses or consumers, using SMS, e-mail, or through Interactive voice response (IVR) technology.

SmartAlerts™ reduces the need for human intervention in sending fraud alerts (outbound) and obtaining a response from cardholders (inbound). A user-branded portal is provided to establish and control the customer contact strategy for SMS. This will include key functionality such as:

  • Time between polls for alerts
  • The content of the SMS messages to be sent
  • Coded responses to determine how alerts should be updated into RiskNet®, subject to responses received
  • Frequency with which messages should be sent
  • Keyword scrubbing in responses
  • Frequency of messages sent before expecting confirmation

Key Features

SMS, e-mail, interactive voice response and enterprise systems such as CRM’s
Messages automatically triggered from rules created in the fraud platform
Update of alert status based on cardholder response
Auto alert escalation

The content of subsequent messages can be ‘escalated’ in tone to encourage customer response. E-mails can also be managed and support is available for automated voice calls to be made. The key benefits being:

  • Improved cardholder service and experience
  • Improved workflow efficiencies
  • Reduced alerts for review
  • Increased fraud prevention

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