What is RiskNet®

RiskNet® is widely acknowledged as best-in-class. It is a real-time and near real-time self-service rules engine for the detection and prevention of fraud and other suspicious transactions, and can be supplied as licenced software or software as a service. It supports all card scheme recommended rule sets and can be deployed with or without machine learning – SmartScore®.

RiskNet® is a modular solution designed to protect the entire payment chain.

  • RiskNet® Acquirer is designed for merchant risk management and fraud detection for POS, ATM and PSP Acquirers
  • RiskNet® Issuer is designed for fraud detection for card issuers, covering all card payment types e.g. credit, debit, pre-paid, private label, e-wallet etc
  • RiskNet® Real-Time Rule Manager provides high performance front-end transaction validation as part of the authorisation process, enabling transactions to be declined real-time at source

Key Features

Self-service and easy to use
Supports multiple artificial intelligence models 20+ with SmartScore®
Real-time and near real-time modules
Rules wizard with extensive statistical rules capability
Interface to auto rules generator - SmartRule®
Supports all card scheme recommended rule sets for issuers and acquirers
Supports single and multiple bank member deployment
Protects all payment channels and payment types including i&m-banking
Interface to real-time dashboard and BI reporting tool - SmartIntelligence™
Supports small or large merchant portfolios – 10,000 to 10,000,000+
Auto & interactive cardholder alerting by SMS, email or voice with SmartAlerts™

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