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Immense pressure is on retailers to ensure customers have the shopping and payment experience they need and immediately.  There are now many big casualties on the high street all with the same thing in common, they did not evolve.  But just struggling to keep up will not give you the growth and brand you need, it’s shaping the future of retail that will do that.

Keeping up with customers payments needs is an ever-increasing challenge as new payment methods and channels increase complexity, risk and overhead.

So, the challenge for the retailer should not be how to mitigate these, that should already have been taken care of by an end-to-end supplier with a future proofed roadmap, the challenge should be how to keep the retailer doing what it does best, so it can concentrate on shaping its future.

In a PWC’s survey, only 12% of CEOs surveyed said they provide a seamless shopping experience across channels.  Recent statistics have shown in-store mobile payments rose as much as 365% YOY from 2017-2018 and over 52% of all payments online are used with a non-card-based payment method.

Retailers are starting to use data realising that it can increase operating margins by as much as 60%.  If you are able to take all these methods, protect them from fraud and interpret all the data for marketing, then you are shaping the future of retail.  If you can’t then speed is crucial.

ai reduces complexity, risk and overhead along with giving the retailer control of its omni-channel payments destiny and enabling intelligence over its data.  ai are your payments experts.

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