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Decision management platform to optimise human resource

SmartMinds™ helps risk managers optimise their use of teams & tools and increases the quality of decision-making.

What is SmartMinds™?

An industry first health check that helps the management of the risk function to ensure their teams avoid what psychologists have identified as decision fatigue and other human biases that may degrade decision-making over the working day.

The SmartMinds™ programme includes scientifically proven techniques that are used by some of the most advanced organisations and elite athletes, to help build mental toughness and ensure that the risk teams maintain the right mindset throughout a full working day. This programme helps to identify those tedious routines that should be automated to release human creativity, which aligns with the mounting scientific evidence presented in the field of behavioural economics.

Key Features & Benefits

Avoid decision fatigue and improve quality decision making
State-of-the-art thinking about the best ways to manage a risk team over a working day
Train risk teams to be more focused, resilient and motivated
Scientifically proven techniques that help build mental toughness within business operations
Identify those tedious routines that should be automated, to release human creativity

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