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Enterprise fraud

ai's machine learning based fraud prevention & detection solution

Combining the best existing Fraud prevention expertise with the latest technological advancements in machine learning to give complete enterprise wide protection, and data utilisation to our customers in a cost effective manner.

What is Enterprise fraud?

The ai Enterprise Fraud Solution is an on-prem or cloud-based self-service, machine learning fraud detection and prevention tool set for financial institutions, all types of card issuers and transaction acquirer, to monitor card account and merchant activity using pre-authorisation and post-authorisation transaction data.

Comprising of the following modules:


Sophisticated statistical rules engine that protects all aspects of the payment chain, including card issuing, merchant acquiring and any financial transaction type.


A self-service rule generation tool designed to create easy to understand fraud detection rule-sets.


A self-service neural modelling tool that creates multiple models (for omni-channel management) in hours rather than months.


Utilises ai's predictive analytical capability and technology not only to identify risks but also to pinpoint business opportunities found in transactional data.


A customer engagement platform built to streamline B2B and B2C communication using SMS and e-mail.


Designed to manage digital assets associated with suspicious activity reporting (SAR) across large and diverse organisations.

Key Features & Benefits

Multitenant hierarchy
Single application sign on
Advanced user access control
Support of all payment types
Graphic analytics of consumer behaviour
Agnostic data injection API
Supports all payment channels
Augmented transactional data
Automated machine learning

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