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Benchmark Services

Assessment of additional benefits ai products could bring compared to current status

Proof of concepts are the most scientific way to assess how a new product might perform against the current status quo.

What is Benchmark Services?

Agreeing clearly defined KPIs, ai fraud professionals can run a benchmark project to assess the uplift in fraud detection and reduction in false positives by utilising the product or solution proposed.

A full benchmark report is provided to cover all results and recommendations

Benchmark services are applicable to the following ai products:




Key Features & Benefits

Fraud trends and themes discovered through Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA)
Proposed Transaction Scoring Models to be used with RiskNet based on historic fraud trends
Impact analysis to assess uplift in efficiency savings
Current fraud rules implementation feasibility assessment
Proposal for optimal operational workflow for RiskNet usage
Impact analysis to assess uplift in efficiency savings
Optional new rule proposals and impact analysis to assess uplift

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