Natasha Rubin Case Study

Team ai Case Study

At ai, our most important resource is our people. We are passionate about developing our people by providing them with the tools and resources to perform at their absolute best. In this case study series,  we sit down with a member of #Teamai who gives an in-depth overview of their role, key priorities and how they developed while working for ai.

We are pleased to introduce to you, Natasha Rubin, who leads our Human Resources Department.

Current role and position

As Head of HR at ai, I am responsible for managing the annual HR timetable, which includes recruitment, appraisals, pay reviews and onboarding new employees. I also implement new initiatives designed to continuously improve our HR practices and model the behaviours we strive for in our core values.

What are your key priorities?

Some of my key priorities include ensuring our recruitment and onboarding practices are working well so that we continue to get team members that share our company values and goals and ensure that everyone is set goals for their career development and training in their appraisals.

What do you enjoy about your current position?

The thing that I most enjoy about my role is how varied it is. I joined the ai when it was half of the size that it is today, so I have been able to experience the challenges of a growing team and how our HR practices need to adapt to that. I can also engage with and influence each area of the employee lifecycle, which is something I wouldn’t be able to do in a larger company.

Training and development within ai

When I first joined ai, I had not worked in HR before. It is not always easy to find a company willing to give opportunities without having prior experience, so I was grateful for the chance to come on board as an HR Administrator. ai then funded my CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development) Level 5 to enable me to gain an HR qualification and learn about core areas of the HR profession, such as employment law and reward and recognition. From this, I gained more confidence in my role and was able to implement new ideas into the business.

I took a break from studying for a couple of years, but in order to further support my progression, ai funded my CIPD Level 7 Diploma, which is the final stage of HR qualifications.  The focus is on strategic HR which is helping me to adapt our HR practices to our growing business and provides me with an invaluable network of HR professionals to help benchmark our practices and get new ideas from what works well in other companies varying industries and sizes. As part of my second year, I completed a research project relevant to ai and have implemented some initiatives following some of the ideas and findings of the report, which involved employee feedback.

As well as funding my training, ai allowed me to reorganize my working hours so that I can attend the course in person on Tuesday afternoons. This has been a big help as I did not feel that the online self-paced route would be right for me.

The impact ai has had on your career 

ai has had a significant impact on my career. From being given the opportunity to work in HR without prior experience to being empowered to progress in the company, I have felt supported throughout my time here, and I am grateful for all the learning opportunities I have had here – both formal training and through experiences, which is often the best way to learn!

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