Meet Our New CTO Nikhil Samuel


We’re excited to introduce Nikhil Samuel, who joined us as CTO in January 2024. Nikhil brings a wealth of experience and expertise to ai, having managed complex technical environments for growing operations, ranging from startups to financial and telecom enterprises. He has been CTO at Crosspay for over 3 years and led a SaaS platform for cross-border payments. He has also consulted with organisations such as Barclays and UBS WM. Nikhil holds a Bachelor of Technology in Computing and achieved his MBA from Imperial College Business School London in 2017. As CTO, Nikhil will oversee all aspects of our Development and QA strategy, working closely with the ExCo at ai to align our technology strategy with our overall business objectives, ensuring that we remain agile, innovative, and customer-focused.


What made you decide to join ai?

My initial discussions with Piers and Nick (CEO & COO), were extremely engaging and we got straight into the challenges and opportunities at ai. Two key factors helped me decide to join- our people and our customer-centric approach to products. Our products have evolved over the last two decades and have addressed various aspects of payments and related fraud detection and management. The markets we serve are changing rapidly and have scale and data engineering challenges – these are always exciting to address.


What’s been your favourite part about working at ai so far?

The culture! Across the teams, there is a willingness to listen to new ideas and a collective desire and drive to consistently improve our technological stack and productivity. We had a head start on using machine learning for our fraud detection services and our plans to extend these are very exciting!


What is your vision for our technological future at ai? Are there specific areas you intend to focus on?

We provide payment facilitation and fraud-risk platforms, along with managed services, both of which are undergoing massive change and transformation. The key technology focus for us is agility in delivery, scalability, data analytics, and leveraging next-generation ai for our fraud screening systems. We have been in fraud prevention for over 25 years, so we know how important it is to stay ahead of change by consistently modernising our systems and updating components. Research and innovation are a big focus for us.


What technology trends excite you right now?

Of course, the biggest buzzword in the industry is artificial intelligence. Our research teams have rich experience in building fraud detection and rule discovery systems. It is an amazing opportunity for us to strengthen our capabilities based on the evolution of machine learning and maturing platforms in the industry.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

I enjoy my time with my kids and their games are my mine too now 🙂


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