Celebrating 25 Years With aiEazyFuel®

We spoke to Melanie Harnett, a senior .Net developer who has reached a staggering 25-years of continuous service on aiEazyFuel® this year.


Tell us about your journey with ai and what made you choose this area of work?

25 years ago, my journey started as a developer at ICL Fujitsu in Dublin, then four years later (in 2003), I and 5 others moved with the product we developed there and formed a new company called SmartCentric Technologies. This product was “SmartCity” which later became what we know as aiEazyFuel® today. Smartcentric was bought by ai in 2017 so I was transferred for a second time. I did maths at university and the part I enjoyed most was learning to programme for the applied maths subjects, so I stuck with it and have never looked back.


What does a typical day look like for you?

As a senior .Net developer and aiEazyFuel® SME, my role is multi-faceted, from development work all the way to project meetings, helping other developers and the Support desk. I do a wide variety of development work across the whole product, but having my background in maths, the cryptography development work has always interested me.


What is your team like?

I feel that I am part of the larger aiEazyFuel® team, not just Development. So that’s QA, Deployment, Product, and the Support team too. The aiEazyFuel team is great, it’s lovely to work with people who go above and beyond to pull together, night or day, to get the job done.


How do you ensure you keep your training and knowledge up-to-date?

As developers, we have access to Pluralsight, where we can take various training courses. I have been most interested in expanding my knowledge of SQL performance.


What’s the best part about your job?

I don’t do development constantly; I often am pulled into helping others on my team, and that gives me a great sense of satisfaction. It also keeps it interesting and adds variety to my work. My work gives me plenty of opportunities to problem-solve my way through new challenges.


What’s your proudest moment at ai so far?

Definitely winning Employee of the Year, twice, which is voted for by my peers.


How would you describe ai in 3 words?

Team-centric, friendly, dynamic


What do you enjoy most about working for ai?

Feeling part of a team, getting support from others and working together to meet our deadlines.


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