Our Culture

At ai, we reward growth-mindedness, a desire to learn and professionalism.  A Growth Mindset is believing that anything can be learnt if you put in the work, practice and effort.  A person with a Growth Mindset is open to challenges, welcomes constructive criticism to help them learn and has a desire to learn.

We welcome and encourage new ideas and new ways of doing things to produce more efficient and effective results. The value of good communication is also recognised and rewarded.


We live in an increasingly globalised world and therefore need to ensure that equality and diversity exist within our workplace and that every employee is respected. Recognising the positive attributes of a diverse working environment leads to a happy and welcoming working environment.  Our policies on equality ensure that the workplace is free from discriminatory practices and any breaches will not be tolerated.

We also celebrate diversity, acknowledging that differences in opinions, values, personalities and lifestyles contribute to a better-rounded workplace as it gives us access to a wider range of talents and skills.

ai also offers excellent career development. A passion to learn is encouraged and an integral characteristic of our employees, and as such, career development is important to us.

We are also extremely proud of our gender ratio. For a traditionally male-dominated profession, we have a higher than average number of female employees, which we are hoping to continue to increase.

Career Development

We have a very transparent career progression scheme, detailing the requirements or what is needed to progress to the next level.

Defined career expectations –  when you begin your career at ai, you will be given a set of agreed “New Starter Objectives”, which will give you a clear indicator of what we would like you to achieve in your first three months.  Thereafter, you will have quarterly 1-2-1 meetings with your manager to review your development from your point of view, as well as your managers. Your career plans can be discussed and worked towards in your quarterly objectives to ensure that you are getting the relevant experience required to progress.

Career path options – we have a very transparent career progression scheme, detailing what level of experience and characteristics are required to get to the next position up. You will be supported in this by your manager.

Movement between departments – moving between departments is also welcomed if you feel that you need a new challenge, or that your traits would be better suited on another department. It also helps to gain a wider picture of the business ad what each department does and may even be a temporary move to gain some wider knowledge before moving back to your original department.

Rewards & Benefits

We offer a competitive salary to show that all of our employees are valued and to acknowledge the hard work that is put in by each of our employees.

Additionally, we offer 25 days annual leave as well as bank holidays.  You will additionally have a “birthday day” which is an additional days paid leave to be taken on the week of your birthday.

Employees also have the discretion to carry over up to 5 working days over into the following years annual leave entitlement.

ai further offers a “death in service” scheme, which is a tax-free sum to be paid to your chosen beneficiaries should you die whilst employed, a pension scheme and private medical insurance.

We also operate the tax-free benefit of childcare vouchers, a scheme arranged through payroll where the value of vouchers to be redeemed against childcare are tax and NI free.


Training is actively encouraged in order to increase confidence and help with career progression. 10% of your time will be dedicated to training.  This can be carried on via RBS Mentor, where training courses will be allocated to you, or, if you have specific training needs (such as Excel, or PowerPoint), you can do training courses in these areas.

You will also be able to attend any relevant external seminars or training courses that are relevant to your role.

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