Why We’re Chosen For Preventing Payment Fraud Online

A relationship between some of the largest international financial and payment institutions isn’t just forged through talking a good game. Results must be promised and then delivered in order to create a lasting partnership. That’s exactly what our solutions at The ai Corporation do, we continually deliver a world class service for our clients and partners and it’s what has enabled us to build strong and long lasting customer relationships.

Why are we chosen to create and forge new software solutions for international finance companies?

It’s because we’re a leading company in preventing payment fraud online and can boast a vast range of software that can stand up to the threats in an ever-changing industry. We’ve created technology solutions that can help reduce the risk of fraud happening through online payments. This, and our dedication to consistently upgrading and developing our solutions based on growing fraud trends, makes us the ideal choice for your company to prevent payment fraud.

Our team process and protect the payment experience for over 100 banks and 300 million cardholders. As our customer base grows, thanks to our machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities, so does our ability to analyse and stop the continually growing number of threats. Since our founding in 1998, we’ve become a vital cog in halting the threat of fraud in its tracks.

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