Three Reasons To Choose Our Online Payments Safety Solution

Every payment that we make has potential to be fraudulent. The reality of our current world means the opportunity for threats towards both you and your customers are even more prevalent. When choosing a team to protect your business against the potential risks caused by online payments, you need a company that is proven to detect and stop fraud.

At The ai Corporation we have the perfect online payments safety solution providing a solid and secure platform to take payments securely with built in fraud detection capabilities. ai Gateway is an omni-channel solution with a host of unique benefits, allowing you to effectively manage payments across a range of different channels. Here are three simple reasons to choose our online payments safety solution:

  • Fully White Labelled: ai Gateway allows you to fully customise our payment gateway to allow ai to do the work without having to lose your own brand identity.
  • Real-time risk management: Our online payments safety solution has real-time fraud capabilities. Analysing each transaction in a matter of seconds to increase efficiency and reduce the risk of chargeback fraud.
  • Powerful reporting: Keep an eye on the performance of the ai Gateway and the impact it’s having on your company at each stage. Intuitive dashboards allow you to view vast amounts on analytical data simply and clearly.

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