Real-Time Fraud Protection

The threats our companies face each day relating to fraud are vast and complex. They will try to attack your customers, find gaps in your systems and create problems within the framework of your company. The rising threat from fraud makes it vital you find solutions that can help reduce the risks you face a result of fraud.

At The ai Corporation we’re able to provide you with real-time fraud protection giving you the ability to analyse transactions in a matter of milliseconds, allowing you to respond as quickly as possible, significantly increasing your ability to prevent fraud and challenge dubious transactions. This fraud protection is important in keeping your customers safe through their payments and your company free from the threats that can compromise your future.

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Our white-labelled aiGateway has become an important asset for companies across the world. This state-of-the-art real-time fraud protection service will offer you everything you need to keep your company safe from attacks. It will keep payments 100% secure with its in-built fraud protection while the end-to-end billing system will organise your payments and schedule them in the future.

This high-performance real time fraud protection will give you the best possible chance of protecting your company from the rising tide of fraud threats.

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