Online Payments Safety Solution

We pay with such ease online nowadays that we barely have to input any data to get products sent to our door. Websites will often store our payment details for an even faster checkout. With these payments flying across the internet all over the world, it’s important that safety protocols can be called upon by the company you’re buying from.

At The ai Corporation we have a team of experts who constantly work to keep payments safe and secure throughout the entire payment process. Our online payment safety solutions are some of the most advanced and intuitive in the market, constantly working in the background to ensure that every transaction you process is protected and analysed.

Our solutions are available as an end-to-end catch-all product, or modular to sit within your current fraud systems. All of our products are agnostic and can be easily adapted to compliment your current process, whilst integrating state-of-the-art machine learning and neural model technologies to improve your detection rates and reduce false positives.

Monitoring over 20 billion transactions a year we have a vast and ever-growing data ocean which we can use to continually monitor the latest fraud trends. By analysing these data sets our systems continually learn and develop to keep your fraud engines running as efficiently as possible.

By choosing our online payments safety solution, you’ll have access to the latest anti-fraud technology. To find out more about our solutions at The ai Corporation, make sure to get in contact with us today.

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