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As a company that detects 95% of all fraud using our end-to-end solutions, we’re perfectly placed to provide your company with the help it needs in this department. At The ai Corporation, we’re a leading provider of fraud detection software that we continue to evolve for a wide range of clients.

Our focus is to ensure that you are as well protected from fraudulent transactions as possible from both the issuer and acquirer standpoints and our white-label solutions allow you to brand our products ensuring an easy pleasant experience for the end-user. Fraud is one of the world’s most wide spread of crimes and whilst the categorisations of it vary – the majority of this now centres online, however.

We’re entrusted with monitoring 20 billion authorisations and transactions across the world and use our eight core solutions to do this. Our solutions vary from RiskNet, a real-time fraud detection software that’s recognised as the best in its class, to Smart Intelligence which allows you to identify and pinpoint where potential risks could stem from.

Once you’ve talked to our team at The ai Corporation we’ll recommend the most appropriate products for your requirements, as each solution can be used can be integrated into your current system. Our work is trusted across the world for its ability to keep your company and your customers safe from fraud.

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