A Day in the Life of Zydrune Spieciunaite   

We shine the spotlight on members of Team ai to learn more about their roles, what it’s like being part of the team, and what training and development opportunities ai offers. This month, we sat down with Managed Service Team Lead, Zydrune Spieciunaite.


How long have you been at ai and what made you choose your role as Managed Service Team Leader?

I have been working at ai for over 6 years now. I started as an Alert Management Analyst- I was a new graduate at the time and was looking for a corporate experience. 


What does a typical day look like for you?

• Communicate clear instructions to team members.

• Determine the completion timeline and monitor progress to keep the project on track and on schedule.

• Assign tasks to team members & monitor team’s performance.

• Manage the flow of day-to-day operations & answer customer queries. 


What is your team like?

Our team is diverse, committed, and competitive. 

I am planning a few team-building exercises as it is crucial that our team members spend time together out of work, to get to know each other and communicate freely, to feel engaged and included.


How do you ensure you keep your training and knowledge up to date?

The new training platform Learning360 application keeps us up to date with knowledge.


What’s the best part about your job?

I have a few:

• Having a challenge & learning new things.

• Helping others.

• Coaching others.


What’s your proudest moment at ai so far?

I have two: 

1. Although my progression from analyst to team leader was a few years ago, having that extra responsibility to be able to coach other team members makes me very proud.

2. Being able to take part in the management training we do at ai. 


How would you describe ai in 3 words?

• Multicultural

• Social

• Committed


What do you enjoy most about working for ai?

I have a few:

• Diversity

• The new Hybrid working – work/life balance.

• Learning new things 

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