The ai Corporation extends partnership with the University of Southampton to optimise the process of tackling fraud with machine learning

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  • ai’s Knowledge Transfer Partnership with the University of Southampton’s Computer Science and Mathematics Departments extended until 2023 to further develop automating the end-to-end process of using machine learning to fight fraud

LONDON, July, 02, 2021: The aiCorporation (ai), an FCA approved expert in payments, fraud and risk management, and the University of Southampton (UoS), today announced a 2-year extension of their ground-breaking research partnership to improve fraud risk strategy automation through machine learning.

The research partnership will continue to focus on improving ai’s fraud tools, including aiAutoPilot MLTM , the world’s first fraud management automation tool to enable rapid response to the latest threats with minimal manual intervention. Which helps fraud managers to automate the management of ML models automatically and continually optimise those models with minimal manual interaction.

Oliver Tearle, ai’s Head of Research, explains: “The advances that have resulted from our joint research with UoS’s Computer Science and Mathematics Department are allowing fraud and risk managers to take a step back from the continual task of optimising fraud strategy. Enabling machines to work continually in the background, enabling human teams to tackle other challenges in areas that currently cannot be automated.”

ai and UoS embarked on a 2-year Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) in 2018 and made the decision to continue to work together until at least 2023. The collaboration will continue to be led by Oliver Tearle, ai’s Head of Research; Professor Mahesan Niranjan – Head of the Information: Signals, Images and Systems Research Group; and Professor Jacek Brodzki – Professor of Mathematics, Head of Applied Topology Group, at UoS.

Tearle continues: “Our continued partnership with UoS is key to increasing ai’s ability to further innovate and automate processes for our clients. Our joint research team aims to transfer and embed an innovative capability based on advanced machine learning approaches to improve the automation of the time-consuming task of fraud risk strategy management in the finance sector.

“Our relationship with the University is now stronger than ever. We are looking forward to continuing to work with the academics there beyond the KTP. They thoroughly understand our business to better answer our questions and work with us to help us deliver future projects. It’s been an invaluable experience for us and I’m sure the partnership will continue to drive innovation.”


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