ai Opens Future Solutions Research Lab

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The ai Corporation have opened a research lab focused on researching solutions to power the next generation in payment and risk management. This will enable the team to experiment with cutting edge techniques and to develop unique machine learning algorithms to drive innovation in the payment processing and risk protection of tomorrow.

The team, led by current Head of Research Oliver Tearle will be working closely with top researchers at the University of Southampton to take new and existing ideas from a multitude of scientific areas such as computer science, chemisty and mathematics and apply them to payments and risk.

This team will be separate from the core data science team, Applied Research, which will focus both  on enhancements to the existing machine learning solutions and work with clients to solve fraud and wider business problems with ai’s suite of machine learning tools. The Applied Research team will be lead by Dr. Peter Baudains and will be working closely with ai’s fraud SMEs to further incorporate their expansive fraud knowledge into the machine learning tools.

“This is a very exciting time for ai, we are working on some extremely interesting problems which will really benefit our customers in new and innovative ways never been seen before. We are hoping our research will lead the way to creating the de-facto payment and fraud detection solutions in the years to come with self learning, effective, easy to use tools.” – Oliver Tearle