Our Research Council has new industry leading academic partnerships

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We are excited to announce the advancement of our research council with an industry leading academic partnership with Southampton University and Leuven University. Our research will further strengthen our position at the forefront of the payments industry. The focus for the Research Council, is on releasing human creativity within the payments landscape, by automating complex and repetitive tasks to simply stop fraud.

As part of our ongoing fight against payment fraud, this partnership will help us to investigate the benefits of using true machine deep learning in fraud prevention and beyond.

Tom Myles, Chair of the Research Council and our CTO says: “One of the team’s focuses will be the adoption of true machine deep learning. This is the movement away from supervised to an unsupervised self-learning system, with the purpose of fully automating fraud prevention activities for all payment types.

Alongside our partners at Southampton and Leuven Universities, our focus will be to build on our view that fraud prevention platforms are capable of more than detecting fraud. We want to look at ways we can leverage ai’s technology to create solutions that can automate all manner of processes. Not just fraud prevention, but other areas of the business such as credit scoring, credit monitoring, gateway switching and interchange optimization. Ultimately, ai’s platform is a reusable technology asset that has a wider business application as an end-to- end decision engine.”

In order to retain a competitive position, research and development is imperative and this step shows that innovation is at the heart of what we do here at ai.

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