Allowing our customers to take control using a common sense approach

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American Humourist Josh Billings once said, “Genius ain’t anything more than elegant common sense.”  This made us think about our approach towards machine learning and data analytics. Our CEO, Dr Mark Goldspink gave us his view on why implementing common sense is vital to a successful business.

Data Analytics

At ai we have long believed that data driven decisions are the only way to truly understand our customers. The days of “gut feel” subjectivity are being replaced by data drive objectivity – and rightly so. Nowhere is this more relevant than in the fraud prevention world. Inevitably, we are seeing more businesses moving to real-time, wanting to offer full omni-channel capability and needing to accept more payment types – these require new solutions.
Doesn’t the aforementioned ‘common sense approach’ suggest the answer to this is by developing self-service, machine learning tools that allow customers to take control of their data driven decision making, including fraud?

Process Automation

The first principals for running a business are profitable growth. At ai we believe the objective of our business partnerships is to help our customers drive this profitable growth.
Again, a ‘common sense approach’ would suggest providing payment solutions that automate repetitive tedious activities, giving customers the controls they need to work on more proactive business opportunities and creative tasks?

Automating Data Analytics

Business history is littered with senior management subjectivity taking an organisation in the wrong direction, thus creating new business activities that destroy profitable growth or worst still, destroys an organisation entirely.
On the assumption that “data driven decisions facilitate profitable growth”, activities are seen as primary drivers for running a business. Our common sense approach is then augmenting these activities into a single approach that will create even greater enterprise value.

In other words, providing solutions that allow our customers the ability to make data driven decisions facilitating profitable growth, effortlessly and in real time.

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