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Our CEO, Mark Goldspink has rounded up the year so far for ai and we’re on a quest to ensure you all receive the best customer service in the industry.

The early part of 2017 has continued to be as exciting as the end of 2016 and I am pleased to report on how well our new products and services are being adopted around the world. The business benefits for the use of artificial intelligence/machine learning are now becoming more accepted and understood in the market. It is on this basis that ai is well positioned to take advantage of this shift in customer adoption with our latest solutions.

The ai team continues to invest heavily in research and development (circa 45% of revenues) with all of our products, which are all now available in our own cloud-based service offering. I am particularly excited about the work our research and development teams have completed in our new machine learning solutions, not only with improvement on fraud detection, but the unique self-service capability that is streamlining our customers processes by as much as 85% – a paradigm shift from the conventional approaches that have been used so far. It is due to this growth in confidence in our approach that we are looking to be even more active in the market throughout the rest of 2017.

One of the fundamental improvements we have made as a business, is our relentless focus on our customer service activities – essentially moving from being a reactive to a proactive solution provider. Even though the metrics we use to show our performance are improving on all levels, we are still not satisfied. To this end, we are looking to invest further in training our team members and automating activities that are best done by machines – we are utterly committed to releasing human creativity within the ai team.

At ai we understand our business partnerships are critical. Not only are we proud to be part of your team, but we are passionate about helping add value to your business.

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